Director of Operations

Amber Stewart

Amber helps you get started as a new patient. She helps you schedule your appointments, understand the finances, and coordinate your treatment. She takes the time to make sure your experience is easy and smooth.

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Amber is a native of Las Vegas. She has lived in Flagstaff for six years. In her spare time she enjoys documenting the memoirs of the elderly, ensuring their stories live on in perpetuity. Amber serves her patients as a Patient, Insurance, and Treatment Coordinator and loves it. As a granddaughter and a niece of two dentists, as well as the daughter of a Chiropractor, she has a broad spectrum of appreciation and gratitude for those who provide healthcare to those in pain. For Amber, one of the most rewarding aspects of the dental field is the visible change that takes place in the countenance of her patients as their smiles improve. Amber thinks of her patients often and cares deeply for all members of her patient family.

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